Example: Marketing Company Sharing Sensitive Data with Customers

  • Large amounts of data have to be easily sent via Microsoft Outlook, because employees cannot be trained separately and mail servers usually have an average email quota of 50 MB (in this case trailers, videos and large marketing folders are sent)
  • Data must be encrypted before leaving the contractor and must arrive at the client’s premises in encrypted form
    It must be clear who can decrypt this file
  • To how many users was the file sent to
  • The client must also be able to provide the contractor with encrypted files (corrections, orders,…)
    It must be possible to check whether the user has already registered for the encrypted data exchange
  • In this example, the customer of the marketing company must meet the following criteria in order not to violate the internal compliance guidelines

Our solution meets all requirements!


  • Data transfer with E2EE for ownCloud creates a high security added value for all companies and persons who work with sensitive and personal data or want to securely exchange data with third parties.
  • Neither the sender nor the recipient need any special software on the computer. All functions are covered by the web browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera).
  • The guest function integrated in ownCloud enables a previously invited recipient to provide the sender with encrypted files.
  • E2EE ensures that data can only be read by the intended recipients.
  • Man-in-the-middle protection – even server administrators have no access to the data.
  • Users who receive E2EE-encrypted data outside the licensed organization do not need an additional license.
  • Due to the hybrid encryption method, no special certificates are required. There is a locally stored private key and a public key (RSA). This key exchange of the public keys is completely taken over by the plugin.
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The epiKshare portfolio is important for

  • Companies that share or send confidential, personal and mission-critical data
  • Companies that want to know where their data is located. In your company or in a high-security data center of your choice
  • Enterprises that need secure and fast access to data from external mobile devices or field staff
  • For all companies that are aware that files that are shared can be deleted by multiple users. We provide backup and restore of individual documents as a service.
  • Companies with customer management: Sending of small and large project files as a link via e-mail, with password protection and validity restriction.
  • For example, law firms and banks with client traffic: Provide a file for each client to share files, documents and other documents between the end client and the law firm. It is also possible to assign “Read only”. This means that it is not possible to “accidentally delete” important documents.


    • As a full-managed cloud service in a German high availability data center in Frankfurt and Boulder CO:
    • Remote briefing of the responsible persons
    • 24 / 7 Service remote and on-site support
    • Advanced encryption and anti-virus services
    • Security level: DIN 27001 (Safety Certification)
    • Emergency power supply for more than 48 days
    • Daily data and database backup with variable storage time

      On Premise (on site):

    • Installation of the ownCloud/epiKshare server on a virtual environment of the customer (Hyper-V, VMWare)
    • Configuration and briefing
    • Creation or adaptation of a backup concept with the existing or our backup solution according to. the epiKshare guidelines

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